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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fossils set in stone

as promised. my first sight of fossils drove me wild and i was scrambling all over employee's rock looking for more. each trek i go i stop at each rock formation to look for any nice, exposed ones. wooot!

GC rock happens to be composed mostly of red sandstone, shale, and in some parts igneous and recent volcanic rock. it is the sedimentary sandstone we are interested in. donkey million years ago the GC region was a region of shallow seas, abundant with life. should be the tethys sea if i can recall from memory. correct me if im wrong. in any case, this region of the sea dried up and was uplifted by plate tetonic faults. all the critters that lived here were hence brought up by 8154feet above sea level. now that is alot.

a wide variety of fossils can be found here. most common are crinoids and bivalves. these are more or less sedentary creatures who got smothered by the mud and were preserved in good detail; they can be found nearly everywhere.

most common of the lot. these fossil fragments are usually found as sectioned plates or tubes embedded in the rock. these fragments come from the stem of the crinoid. these crinoids are distant progenitors of the present day feather stars, related to the sluggish sea cucumber, asteroidiac sea stars and the prickly sea-urchins. they look like lilies in the sea, where the head(and mouthparts, along with feathery tentacles) sway in the water column, anchored down by a long pliable stem connected to a rock or sea bed which a set of 'feet' attach themselves to. so far i have found only plate fragments; i have yet to find any head-parts of the crinoid.

bivalves, or clams, are aplenty here. most can be seen half-exposed from the sandstone, and i have managed to pry/chip out a few good specimens. so far i have managed to identify two disctinct species, with a third that looks like a gastropod, but im not really sure if it is.

there are also alot of imprints left around. i have a few good samples of net-like simprints, i suspect them to be either from a flat shell or even better, a sea fan. i dont know. there are alot of worm-casts around. these are tubes in the mud made by worms whose bodies did not manage to survive fossilization, but their homes did. i cant pry out any samples; it would be too big a piece to carry around. i do have quite a number of good pictures though. it is said that one can find dinosaur footprints as well. it would be extremely lucky for me to be able to find a set, or even recognise them.

yet to see them. these guys died out rather early in geological history, and would most probably be in the lower layers of rock. so far ive been up high in the rim areas, so when i get an opportunity to go down lower into the canyons ill be sure to watch out for these guys.

i think them fishes will be rare, really rare, so id really cry for joy if i manage to find one.

so far thats about it for fossils. once again i apologise for not being able to get pics up; the connection here is still killing me, so you'll need to google out or use your imagination.

oh, theres lots of crystal formations too, managed to find so many good ones just lying around. once again, pics akan datang. any requests for crystals or fossils?

made this up while i was doing drudgery in the cabins. sung to a (kinda-mutated) led zep tune:
Set In Stone

i missed the train
i missed the train
i saw on the platfom
how the girls were wavin
their hankies
like daisys in the wind
bidding farewell to time
each minute passed
each infinite minute lost
each flew off, each fell
as their tears glittering were set in stone
left behind
glitters like diamonds
their tears were set in stone
im set in stone
the world has moved on
the world has passed on
that part of your life is over now
that part of your life is over
that part of your life is over now
over now, over now, over now,
its over now.
im a fossil, im a fossil
im set in stone, im set in stone
and the end times are coming
the end times are coming now
the end times are here
the end times are coming
the end times are coming now
the end times are here
the end times are here, here, here
the end times are here, here, here, here, here,

Monday, May 30, 2005

how the west cabins were won

okay, an eight-buck tip and plenty of stayover rooms make one a happy room attendent. and a 12hour forced-sleep period that initially gave headaches now give a much clearer view of the world.

i caught a chipmunk called melvin yesterday. me and melvin, we da arch-foes. everytime i go to lunchbreak, melvin comes along and nibbles little holes in my trashbag and all foul liquids and other shit stuff come spilling out.
eh iah decided that was eet.
iah rustled up melvin in the room of 78. t'was dark mind you, and melvin had his back to me, like billy the kid had to pat garret. but no siree, i werent no gormless dog-shooter, sho iah made spit ot git his attention.
mexican standoff.
ya see, it was danger both side-up. i had a pilla-case in hand, while melvin, dat lil scamprat might have em hanta virus up his' teeth, one biht an it wouldan be six feet unnergrund fer me.
i cornered him. mexican standoff.
an waited.
melvin chickened out. he ran, so he did. but aih blockled his escape, and the only place was the loo to go. the killun zone.
ah closed the door an he wes trapped.
now melvin, he wes gettin kinda desperate, billy would have, with me un my pilla case in hand. but i couldna catch him yet, he'd bite an id be a dead man walkin.
so aih whipped out me trusty sixgun uf a (says general all-purpose toilet cleaner - evil stuff i tellyah, made me cough an water each time i smelled them devil -fumes) spraycan,
melvin was blinded, an in one fell swoop i caught im in mah pilla case.

well now aih mus say, i aint no bad guy,i werent out fer blood, unlike melvin wers. besides, killin critters like im be illegal. an i ah man o the law. but aih hadta teach melvin the trash rustler a lesson first. i gave it a disneyland ride, the kind that swings up an down left right, give em the wooze.
there weres squirrelshit all over in the pillacase after aih weres done with him. i guess he wers havin a helluva time.
later as i let him go on parole, he zipped right an left before he could reach his little hideyhole.

nowsadays ah see melvin, an he sees me. we watch each other now. an he NEVER, EHVHA dares ta touch ma trashbag again.

an this, was how, the west end cabins, weres won.

sherrif yc out.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

spaceboy and the canyons

spaceboy you're sleepy now
your silhouette is so stationary
you're released but your custody called
do you want to be free
do you want to feel free
Do you like girls or boys
its confusing these days
but moondust will cover you, cover you
So bye bye love
bye bye love
hallo spaceboy


In bowie mood again. This time its 'Spaceboy'. Its only when i typed out the lyrics did i realise what he was trying to get at. heh.

Roomie and i drove up to the highest point of the north rim today. there was nothing to prepare myself for the visual impact as we finally crossed the conifers and into full view of the entire canyon. We could even view San Fran peaks in the distance. Once again, breathless. Theres still snow around these parts, in case ive not told you. so there are these slopes still smattered with white, a huge contrast with the red clayey soils of the canyon walls. Imagine a huge plain suddenly cut off and dropped vertically down into dark nothingness. Evokes imagination. So much like how King described as Roland the gunslinger sat down by the endless seas and saw the distant mountains ahead and the dark tower above. Sunset was again, breathless. deep clear blue sliced by intense red cirrus, while the last few rays cast long long shadows over the canyon walls. I begin to like just climbing up to the prepice of employee's rock and just sit watching the sunset. It gets mighty cold there but then the view takes all other sensations away.

It is cold here too. I mentioned snow. And dry as a desert. The combination of high altitude, altitude and being in the near middle of a vast landmass just sucks away all the moisture you have. You never sweatr here, dont need to pee much, but you get just as thirsty breathin, losing all the moisture from your mouth and nose. I regret to have not brought my hoodie. A gore-tex can be cumbersome at times.

This place is just perfect for imagination, wonder, daydreaming, woolgathering, call what you want. The landscapes alone just draws your eye and you just stare at on, taken by its magnificence. Pictures on the net and books can never capture its grandeur, likewise my camera can only produce a souless copy of this beautiful place. Ive taken over a hundred photos already, each with different exposure values to achieve different effect.
I begin to like just sitting on the prepeice of employee rock for hours upon end just staring at the changing landscape cast by the sun. thank goodness for the tripod.
(Goshdarn) i need help with all these camera tricks. Im running blind here and experimenting all the time. Well thank goodness for digital pictures too.

This should be enough for today. Next post - my work.

Yc out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

employee's rock

As per fauxpaus's request:
I work as a chamberboy. I clean the sheets, i fold the blankets, i make the beds.
I clean the sink, i wipe the showers. I make sure there are no ugly black spots or skid marks in the rim of the commode. Yes, thrice already. Either the yanks really dont know how to shit, or the diet here is really bad.
i search the area for tips. so far ive only got two sticks of gum? This girl's got like TEN FREAKING BUCKS in a day. talk about luck.
im tired. ten rooms in a day. Then its up to 16 tmr.
tired tired tired.
ive learnt much stuff, how they clean the rooms. ill know what to watch out for next time i go to a hotel now. ugh.
After work a few of us got to this place called employee's rock, which is like this bare outcrop at the rim of the canyon. stupenderful view. camped there another 20 min again to catch the good evening shots. if only i could post it up.
Someone urgently needs to use this sole surviving terminal. If this one goes ill scream. Ill get cabin fever REAL quick then ill kill everyone and then jump off the prepeice of employee's rock.
I touched a deer today! i bucked off after i did. And i saw a condor today.
One day im going to catch a chimpmunk.
hey miss you all back home.

yc signing off.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Greetings from the Canyons

Grand Canyons, North Rim, USA, 7.00pm

woohoo!! finally reached the North Rim Canyon Lodges. After 3 days of non stop ass-breaking seats in the air to the greyhound, then the shuttle up those dizzying heights to this beautiful place. Sorry nana, still no sing of pretty stars up here, been cloudy all day and night, suprisingly.

Me n travel pardner mustafa had actually arrived last friday, and lodged over at his uncle shakeer's place ovdr at Van Nuys (its pronounced VENN ICE, with a spanglish accent =])for 2 days. Rahter crummy place (there were decaying fish fingers on the table; must have been there for 3 days at least), and from what i heard mus's dad and uncle arent on such good terms. Still, they were graciouis hosts, and the kids were just adorable (well maybe the girl, the boy was just plain spoilt and atrocious). Traveled around LA for 2 days, visited Universal studios (which to my eternal regret i forgot to bring my camera!!). LA downtown turned out ot be rather boring. I was expecting like, MAJOR MEGA MALLS and SUPER HYPERSHOPPING DISTRICTS. Quite the contrary; the whole place was deserted by 4, cept for the beegars and hoods loitering around. Didtn know we were in real danger till this japanese family came over and told us that LA was a "bad place to be. No one come out at night. Bad place. Everybody go home before 7". Ookay.. we rushed back to the Metro and promptly got lost. Had to call up uncle shakeer to save us.
So up next we took the Greyhound to St George - took the wrong bus actually and ended up at Vegas. Well, leasr we had 2 hours to doodle there, so we did - will have pictures up soon. Twas a good place, complete with stripper clubs to live gigs. And no, i'm not that desperate as to go into the strippers club.. well actually i wanted to snap some pics but i didnt think theyd allow that - it was free netry tho.. =P) . Plus it was like good groove and rock and we had lotsa crazy americans doing elvis splits and drunk jiving. Took a clip of that too; was good stuff.
Well we finally got up to St George Sun 9.30, lodged over at some cheapo mall and headed over to the canyons only just.

Fiza - ive found lotsa kinky stuff. knowing what an 'orny 'irl you are, would you like to have - a) cute thongy firlly undies or b)mr caveman(inflatable) or c)keep looking? Oh.. also saw this so so hot hispanic looko mucho like you! (cant be above 15 i think !!)
Chewie - sorry, yet to find the glow in the dark. Cant find the orgasmatron either.
Kev - hows India? got the bombay belly yet?
Clar - Ay bro u miss it lah. Damn good stuff here! gonna be smuggling lotsa succulents and other seeds, distribute some to you!
Jule - Yo thanks for the greeting. not homesick yet, but kinda altitude sick. Least not as bad as some of the girls. Its freaking 9000feet plusplus up here. And damn cold too. Biting winds.
Those in musical - heyo how went the musical? real shame i cant see it lah. hope it went really well! (hope the staris didnt break!! XD)
Fayeth - Amulet?! wot amulet? oh god. PLEASE do NOT tell me its those corny "in case of emergency break glass". No worries, they sell plenty of em here anyway huh?
Kraekersendeklors - shucks. Darn shame u couldnt make it. its really beautiful. Will post up pics for you to enjoy and get real jealous. Plus, they do allow us to sit at the edge of this >9000feet canyon. I mean its just a push and its bye bye! =]
'Anonymous' - sugar coated or not i can pack a punch. oh and she was soooo sweet! just you wait. i bet there be trillion more hotties coming up for holidays real soon. RICH hotties XD.
Viv - heyo hows the filming coming up?
Peanut - Still looking for that special something for you..
The Rest - hiya all~!

OMG post is sooo long. Withdrawal symptoms i tell you. The connection here is TEH SHITS and i doubt i will be able to post up anything here. Plus there are only THREE(!!!) lousy teminals on Win 2000 to cater to 300 over staff? !#$%^~ Will have to wait for every 2 weeks to grab the staff shuttle head down to hurricane city library, where the connection is at least DECENT.
Ill want to head down soon too, to catch the open of ep III. Wont be able to catch it at some big place like universal studios (unless ive another $80 and 1 day to spare to head back to LA or vegas). Better widescreen than nothing. Well at least Hitchhiker's open now. Must catch that too.
this piece of junk has crashed like 3 times since i tried to post this, had to resort to using bloody notepad. It cant even bloody support MSN MEssenger. At this rate im going to get really bad cabin fever and start killing people or something.

This is Yc, Signing off.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Incheon, South Korea

- 5.45am, Korean Time -

Somehow none of our handphones work here. Singaporean, Russian, American; only korean phones seem to have connectivity here. Which is a laugh, coz mustafa's phone is made in korea too.
There dont seem to be working internet booths, which explains why am i looking over my shoulder, ducking constantly as i type. Im on a bloody hijacked terminal at the reception booth; appareantly they dont start work till 7.30, which gives me quite some time to type. Only hazard is the security walking around.
It has been 6 bloody hours of uncomfortable flying. Now its another 6 hours of waiting at the transit. GAH. my brains are shot. i really dont feel like going up on the next flight.
On the bright side, ive managed to chat up this really so cute pinoy, on the pretext of querying phone status. *grin* see who says im a groucho pants? Sweetness.
Second bright spark is that i might be able to move out of the airport and walk around the area for a while. We'll see how.
Somehow korean servers dont seem to recognise my blog website. I can post but cant view it! Talk about serious compatability problems.
next stop is narita. cant take it, i must have a shower there. IT costs like 8,000 whatever currency here to get a bloody shower. i dont know how much is that but i dont think its cheap
Ah fuck. here comes security

Thursday, May 12, 2005

last call

i fly off today... possibly the last time i will blog in this country for a long long while. Out of the heat, out of it all. Yet suddenly i wished i had more time, just to finish up some unfinished buisness i have with some people. alas, life rarely serves the dishes you want, so you make do with what you have.
now this is really fun; i know not what to expect as a first timer. Welcome to the jungle? i hope not. id feel better if it was europe, but nevermind that now, done bun cant be undone. All i have to do is last a few more hours and it will all be taken out of my hands, with only one clear path to go. Feli says you will always feel like that before a trip; well it isnt exactly unpleasant, so ill just go along with it.
All my sayang, sweets, brothers and sisters left behind, awwwwwwwwww i will think of you, and get you something nice back k? those also goin off ard the world, godspeed to you guys too.
Already im thinking of jedi capes, cool rock formations, smuggling pieces of fossils and succulents (seeds or seedlings at least) back pluc that leather jacket.. LA here i come!

YC out.

Monday, May 09, 2005

last foray for a long time to come

i seriously do not understand how the rest of the wildfilms crew get back their energy so fast. at 1 its soccermania as Alvin and Chayhoon screaming at the telly telling the soccer players hw to earn their pay. then at 3 we get ready and cram into ria's MPV and a cab and make for the harbour. Its cheesy joke after corny innuendo all the way till 4, we reach Kusu and to work we go. I got to be lightings for the shoot. that meant lugging a 5kg or so battery pack with a lamp we conviently call 'The Stungun', as it will render any crewmember blinded and senseless should he/she be unfortunate to 'accidently stare at it':
'yo yc i need lighting'
'huh?' *turns to face unfortunate member*
well we spotted flounders (OMG 1st time i see a live flounder!), crabs of all sorts, ugly fishes as well as a naked and unprotected peanut worm. i guess that was the prize catch. Didnt manage to encounter the resident stingray which had stung ria a week ago.
Then some team members must have muttered something that made mother nature unhappy for she unleashed a whole barrage of rain thunder lightning and gale. it is not funny when you lug the batt pack around and try to run as fast to the shelter as you can, while trying to shield the VERY expensive equipment you are holding from the heavy rain.
But soon after mommy lets up and we get back to work.
I even managed a blairwitch sequence by myself. how cool is that =]
At 9am we would be mostly comatose, if not for the fact it was so goddamn freezing and equipement waiting to be washed.

Yet by 1 everyone's mostly up and runnign again, while me here am just collapsing.
last time ill be visiting the shores for 2 months plus, and will have to wait till the next spring for all those super-low tides. a sorry waste.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bowie blues

I know when to go out
Won't stay in;
get things done
But you're sleepy now,
Spaceboy you're sleeply now;
Your signal is so stationary
And there's still lots to do
Its a crash course for the ravens,
But we gave up that notion a long time ago.

I know when to stop
won't be the fickle mob
see things clear
But you're tired out
Spaceboy you're tired out;
Your radar has been out for decades
And there's still road ahead
Its a crash course to the moon,
as we gave up the ghost a long time ago.

So the only thing is
Dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues
done bun can't be undone
But no one said we couldnt mourn the past
And its a crash course for the ravers
as they head out for the lights
seeking to regain what they never had

So they shake their bits
So they shake their heads,
They sway under the moonlight
But there is no empty space
To move in on
Its a crash course to the next wave
but it was given up a long time ago.

So the only thing is
Ride with the music and sing
We stand in the wind,
and never say bye bye
What we've lost
was never ours to begin with
Dont sweat the small stuff

But it makes you so high,
Gotta stop believing in
Modern love
Terrifies me
Modern love
Makes me money
Modern love
Gets me to my place in time
Modern love
walks beside me
Modern love
talks right through me
Modern love
walks on by
but gets me to that place on time!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

woohoo! pictures!

yahooy! finally figured out how to post pictures on my blog. and added links as well.
Heres a test pic (courtesy Ty; you go, my man!):

Posted by Hello
For those who remembered, six years ago. Newsweek was such a bore we decided to come up with a better title :PORNWEEK. For those who even remember Estrada and his wankhead ear-rubbing, jis-spewing picture, laugh with me. Those days were rife with illegal vcd circulation, saucy novels and even a lewd centerfold or two. As i remember it, Kok the HEAD PREFECT had during RME (Religious Moral Ed) asked if i wanted to buy his porn:

"Ay yc, u interested in some porn 'not? can sell u cheap. Got nuns gone wild, titty twister etc."
"Erm, no. dude. its rme now. WTF?"
"So? ay i want to get rid of my porn collection lah"
"Oh.. good for you then"

(1 week later)

"Yo, u sold ur vcds off already ah?"
"Yup! cheap too, i wanted to get rid of it. You should have bought it lah, they were good quality ones leh!"
"Uh, its alright, thanks anyway. so deciding to turn over a new leaf huh"
"um. nope."
"actually i was bored with the same old shit lah, went to buy new ones"

He proceeded to tell me this really great vcd store 3rd floor of queensway shopping center, tucked in a small corner with neon blue lights flickering. How apt, blue lights for a blue film store.
As Ty said, look forward to the future but cherish the past as well. Now comes the question all us A4ers asking: WHERE is that circulated call-girls vcd, and is Mr Concenciao STILL holding on to Species II? Only time will tell. Ty, i am NOT holding on to that damn VCD, its probly MW, ok? i have NEVER touched it alright?

The wonders of pictures. Speaks a thousand words. Or in this case, a hundred laughs.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

March of the Imperials

*cue Imperial March theme*
"Dun! Dun! Dundundundun Duhduhduhduh, Dun! Dun! Dundundundun Duhduhduhduh.."
How cool is that?
I was in town for my granny's 77th birthday at Lee's Garden, and all of the sudden i see storm troopers clearing the path, looking oh so daunting with their E-71 standard blasters. Trailing behind are two imperial guards in all their sweeping red capes, with their red (poison tipped from the nearest yslarami supply) spears. And behind came a wave of awe and dread, as Darth Vader strode past in all his Black Helmeted glory. Trailing behind was a young captive padawan, no doubt under Vader's control, headed towards torture and questioning for information leading to the capture of the final few Jedi. These are dark times indeed, as episode III finally hurtles towards the screens in both the US and Singapore. I will be catching them. Many Bothans have died to deliver us this piece of information. Use it well. WATCH EPISODE THREE.

Bought myself Lost Tales part I in any case, and i can say that im instantly hooked. There are (!!!) TEN (!!!) books in this history of Middle Earth, so gosh how am i going to get hold of them? I forsee that Jet is going to be a really really good friend indeed =]

Intermission part 2: Heading to Hard Rock Cafe tonight to send Kiran off before she flies back to Canada tmr. Damn all the exams and preparations, i scarecly had any time to see her at all. Maybe if i could i'd visit her this July. But Toronto's a really far way off from California. I'll see how in any case.