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Friday, April 28, 2006

seeing and feeling my hands

meds so strong it kicks you high...

Lia, bless her soul, for my ailing breath, 2 nights ago proffered me some wicked-strong PROCODIN cough syrup that 'may cause drowsiness', which also warned me not to 'drive or operate machinery'.
Which could mean my laptop as well.
5 minutes into taking a swig i could distinctly see and feel my fingers tapping on the keys.
10 minutes i could see the room. and i could REALLY feel my hands.
and next thing i know, im goozling in bed, the sun is bright, my phone's beeping for me; my dad calling me to wake up.
i did.
and then next thing i know, im goozling in bed, the sun is bright, my phone's beeping for me; my dad calling me to wake up.

bless dad for his snooze function in the wakeup calls.

It was like some fucked up groundhog day sequence while high on flaming deathcaps. Even then the grog was still in my head, but feeling and infinitely better and thinking i was actually sensible(or maybe not) i decided to run the old charger up the slopes of PGP. I think i cheated death twice, once with a horn. i DID in fact physically scrape against an A service bus - that was when i was trying to adjust the bike seat. But thats just between you and me, k? Couldnt see the driver's eyes but i bet they were daggers. That was yesterday.


The wonderful thing about PROCODIN is first, you get a little heavy. You *can* in fact feel yourself swimming. Then comes the pronounced finger thingamajimie feeling hands that kinda thing. you sway. Wonderful stuff i tell you. why valium when you can PROCODIN? Gets rids of coughs fine too.
and why can i tell you this?
coz im going to go out like a light again. but ill see how long i can last. It gets especially heavy when i tilt my head.

Ah. Alls well ends well.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


The Master of The Universe (that being the Lab) said:

The Dipterology meetings in Fukuoka are coming up in September and the abstracts are due on the 31.April. Here are the usual tricky issues:

(1) Funding. I will support the whole operation with SGD 5000 from the NSF grant. The rest will have to be raised by yourself.


I will rely on you to make up your mind during the next few days. If you don't submit a title and abstract, you won't go. All titles and abstracts have to be vetted (first by fellow lab member then
by me). So, get started soon. Please let me know if there is anybody else who wants to go…

I have SHIT data and hence practically NOTHING i can talk on, other than the frigidity of sepsis indica AND EVEN THEN ive found out that this may not even be true anymore; id missed some minute but VERY important telltales signs....

How am i to go now? The deadline is far too soon!


sucks to be me.

yc out.

Friday, April 21, 2006

tats is gone.

sigh. is tats dead? is he bound to a chair being tortured right now by one of the MATRIARCHY's hench-women? has he been abducted by aliens and being anal probed? coz there has been no update to sinfest since that piece of mature action, dated MARCH 22. sigh. Dissapointed.

Dissapointed also with another group of people, dissapointed especially with a downright inept person who let his personality take over his job and hence muck up what has been so painstakenly built and cherished. For the other i reserve only my special brand of hellfire; woe betide that.. affront.. should i ever get a chance to dish it out.

Things to update after exams

-Safety stuff for himalayas (yes, im going). particularly worried that alot of the folks dont really seem to know what they are in for.

-Hunting trip to Malaysia. IF i do manage to catch this really rare mantid, ive got an instant, publishable ism right in front of me, and not to mention that each of these critters go up to 150USD a piece. I can record my flies there too.

-Another hunting trip tentatively to Langkawi or Frasier's Hill. Flies on the agenda once again.

-Planning the itinerary for the bintan trip.

-Planning the chalet thingy, which i did not even realise that i was involved in. bleah.

-DINOSAURS! exhibit!

-more ISM work with Dr Don n Dr Lonce

I think thats more than enough for this stretch of hols.

yc out.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Its hellish 2.24am and this guy came up to your door and says, 'Hey dude, please take one'.


You expect some residential warning, maybe coz you leave your shoe mat out that and that 'constitutes as an obstacle to people while evacuating during a fire drill'.

No such luck.

It appears to be a spam flyer, and it says, in attractively garish technimulticolour:

(show picture of 6 ordinary looking people smiling in a group photo, and a shot of temp YST conservatory).

(on back)
How many do you know? Campusjoint is an online social networking site that allows you to connect with your college friends in Singapore
(show collage of normal looking people trying to smile)
Register today!

Undoubtedly the SDU has a finger in this endeavour somewhere.
But... so tame.
Collage has complete CMIO, but all look so averagely drab - where are the hot hot babes you'd be meeting if you sign up? all sho nerdy...
And oh shit. you think you see someone you know.
Suddenly it seems alot more sinister.

But wait!

Sign up a friend and you will recieve our exclusive goodie bag filled with goodies!

You peer in:

-"CAMPUS JOINT! IM CONNECTED!" T-shirt. (80% cotton, made in Thailand)
- "Hi, I'd like to know your name! What to say to your date" - a booklet on dating
- Crinkle-nose-no-more Deo spa aromatheraphy Soap. "Basic hygiene for dummies" pamplet included
-"Who's afraid of the Cooties? What you should know about the opposite sex" (another book)
-vouchers and coupons to a number of candlelight dinner outings
-Free pass for 2 to MOS (on sunday nights only)
-Whole stack of SDU flyers
-and a whole load of other junk.


On the otherhand, dear peeping tom of NTU, who in actual fact happened to be my class CHAIRMAN back in the days of yore, appareantly was visiting his girlfriend, was too lazy to go upstairs to the gents, and went straight into the girl's loo. Girl exits from shower, screams. The rest is history.

Now this sounds awfully like what we have up here in PGP. The Fat-Blondie-who-looks-like-an-illegal-VCD-seller-who-laughs-like-a-hyena as well as loonybitch's gayboy happen to use the ladies quite often. Once the cluster leader, miss petite, was in the loo when TFBWLLAIVSWLLAH walks in. She screams and screams at him while he quickly backs away.

Now why wasnt this guy caught and subject to the same ridiculous situation as my NTU friend was?
Unfair is the world, and it continues spinning.

-yc out

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Someone loves HBK

Well, i must say this should not be approved of at all, such mischief will almost very likely lead to mayhem unrest and anarchy, as such we can not tolerate such criminal acts like a little redecoration to the NJC crest:

I am of course, still heartened to find that some kids still have the spunk to pull of something like this. Salutations to the mischief monkeys of this project mayhem.

Appearantly last week students coming to school saw the lion adorned with killer shades and a cool handlebar mustache to boot (me heart). The letters in question actually stand for Heart Break Kid Shawn Micheals - a prominent WWE wrestler. I personally worship HBK - one of the coolest, most tenacious fakers no fighters in the ring.
The mischief must have been done in the night; brave souls scaling ladders and pasting cardboard onto the crest. And most probly with the involvement of house/council members (access to roof IS restricted after all).
A refreshing sight to the boring crest we'd seen all the while.
Soon enough of course the cardboard was removed, much to the dismay of students. AND THEN the school authorities had to call in the cops, if only to investigate a non-malicious act of creativity and ingenuity.

Imagine the pepertrators caught - and there would be no choice but to charge the kids. Treason and sedition, rabble rousing! Reminds one of the buangkok white elephants.

My heart goes out to the kids. Viva La HBK!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

slytherin henna + Cocktalking

Happiness is a warm henna tube - I have my first customer!

Jet was going for a hogswartian-themed party, and in coming up with a mythological creature, i decided to go maya-egyptian for her and do a quetzlcoatl design to embrace her hand. First decorating her palm and fingers, then on to the snake bracelet:

The hardest part was actually to do the tendrils around her fingers, as (dammnit) she kept on laughing and moving around due to some idiot who was there as well cracking jokes. It got smeared a few times and had to be redone again.

Spraying the henna to seal it. Frowning shows frustration in trying to get her to BE STILL. It was on for most of the time. And eventually, the final product emerges.

The full dorsal view of hennasque and snake bracelet:

In the end i got too tired to draw the quetzlcoatl wings; i was kinda worried about the class i was supposed to be in too. I think its fine anyway, she'll go perfectly fine with the Slytherin parseltongue club =D.

Closeup on hennasque, dorsal:

Thin penmarks visible; they'll go away fast while the henna stays.

Closeup on hennasque, ventral:

Note how the tendrils on fingers fit together to form lines on both ventral and dorsal sides.

And the final pose:

Ssssspectacular! And she promptly went for shopping - gah. Jet is one who moves around so much that the henna was peeling off within 20 min, even after the spary-seal. I just hope it dosent come out blotched... I did warn her...

Oh well, im satisfied with the outcome, anyway.

Alright. Meat is my canvas. Next?


After that was the HCAP closing dinner - they'd invited Colin Goh of for a dialogue. The guy's a natural comic. I bought a CD off him, and managed to get his snapshot:

So did Lia and Ab:

And of course a shot with the wonderful girls of HCAP. that's Eva n Vic to the left:


heh. yc out.