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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Pornstar Pixies

When i finally form a band, i will call it "the pornstar pixies", or PSP. The first album will be called:

The Frictional Adventures of Staticman and Rugboy.

Being a concept album, songs will revolve around the innings and outtings of the frictional duo staticman and rugboy, and their daily attempts to restore peace and love in this burnt out paradise of a world. Eventually, each song will be made into a cartoon for saturday mornings, aimed at teaching young children everywhere the importance of peace, love, acceptance, and how a little rubbing can induce things to stand up (static, my dear watson).

Here is the proposed song list:

1. static man and rugboy
2. a mouthful
3. hymn of the fudgepackers
4. best whore of my life (time of our lives)
5. buttman vs staticman (instrumental)
6. all buttered up
7. the horny march hare
8. gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight) (cover)
9. i feel your love (inside of me)
10. starslut
11. dick asks pleasure first
12. no protection (cover)
13. condom cowboy (the bone ranger)
14. staticman and rugboy (reprise)

Records will hit the stores in march 2007! Reserve your order NOW!!

(all proceed will go to save the needy boys* fund)

*needy boys = YC.