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Monday, February 01, 2010

Avatar Sequels

Ridley Scott will be directing Avatar 2: The Sky People Strike Back. In which Weaver's Na'Vi body is retrieved and rigged with a virus program. Eywa is then infected by the biological trojan and transforms into Enya, whose lilting strains drives the whole of Pandora into bloodlust, a Zerg-like hive community.

Things soon run out of control in Avatar 3: Rise of the Dark Na’Vi. Earth is destroyed by the Dark Na'Vi horde. The last humans escape aboard the Elysium, details documented in PANDORUM. As a last ditch effort, An android Sully is created to terminate the real Sully-of-Jarhead-Clan. He succeeds, but is captured by the Na’Vi and falls in love with Sully/Neytiri’s daughter. Together, they must find away to stop the crazed Enya-mind and purge the virus from Pandora before everything is destroyed.

Don’t miss also Pandora Earth, the spinoff series. Duke Nukem leads the final pocket of human resistance on Earth against the Dark Na’Vi onslaught. Aided by the surviving original Na’Vi, their mission is to destroy the Thought-trees that function as control nodes for the Dark Na’Vi. They prove to be so successful that Enya reanimates Miles and sends him to Earth to terminate Nukem as a priority. Don’t miss the showdown between Nukem on a Powerloader and Mile’s biologically augmented RDA AMP mech!


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