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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Denizens of the Night, howl.

I had to blog this down.

(over msn, ard 2111hrs)

cuz: HELP LAR!
cuz: there's this voman who's screaming like she kenna raped liek that
cuz: wa lao
cuz: i hope she;s not annoucing to the whole world she's doing it
cuz: kaoz
cuz: she's damn F*(&^T%RT*IUOIP)OKING IRRITATING
me: huh?
someone moaning at KR? !?
me: does she sound hot?
cuz: NO. if she did, you think I'll be bitchingh?!
me: howd u know u aint no guy. go save her.
me: U sure its not a rape scene?
cuz: just one very annoying female

Okay. So there was some night life over at KR. Popped up a friend on msn who stayed there:

me: dude u hear anyone screaming like kenna rape at ur side?
friend: OH! are you refering to the band that's practisingg? ahahhaha

(im -___________-;;;;)

me: No. bands dont go "AAAAAAAAA! HEA HEA HEA?"
friend: Your kidding

(a reeeallly long pause)

friend: Your serious.
me: DUH.
friend: shall we check it out?
me: No. im friggin over at central lib area. Y dont u check? its YOUR hall.
me: Might be a rapist you know. You can deliver a can of whoopass upon that sick f---‘s ass and the girl might be so grateful she’d make hot love to you.

(continued explanation on how me cuz heard it... etc. Wont bore you. the guy seemed really dense.) Apparently he was convinced it WAS a rapist.

friend: look, we go together
friend: if there really is something going on, we stand a better chance

Okay. By this time I officially declared this friend a WIMP. As in, “Wuss In (really) Mini Pants”. Which would account for his dong size as well. I mean, what, he’s afraid that the rapist apparent would suddenly turn ghei and prey upon his ass? Sheesh!

The same status goes for this friend, who, having the real priviledge of watching an annoyingly cognitively-challenged show about a cognitively challenged fictional cuddly bear, changed his nick to:
“In the name of Thousand Acre Woods, I capture you. Lol”


No, wait. This guy (yes, GUY. HIM. HE. MALE.) should belong to the FFAG status, as in “Fuckin’ Fairy prancing like A pansy amongst a field of daisys, alonG with my little pony and care bears too”.

Lord save our souls.


evolution IVLE has been sooo dead these a days. Jumped at the chance for something interesting.

(in response to the vestigial status of man tits):

I know im going to get a can of whoopass for this, but, man nipples = TEH SEXY? so much so they decided to put the nipples on batman armor (disclaimer: comment is NOT reflective of forumer's tastes!). That has got to count for something. Therefore nipples = sexual ornament for males?
But i must say that much of those seemingly 'vestigial' organs do come up with a different use eventually. And most of them which are visible become... sexual displays! (does it mean that bimbos with big heads are prime displayers?? )

Okay. So now i made it a leeeeetle more fun into it:

Making this a little more fun, lets have a little poll: Are nipples on man considered sexy?
Since im not so free as o photoshop-edit out the nipples in a topless man vs the same with nipples, im using this: Attached below are the pictures of
Unfortunately i cant think of a control example. but still...
All ye forumers, flame me not, and cast your votes! After polls we might discover the truth to the vestigial mammary glands in males then..

Yes, i even attached in a jpeg pic of titty batman vs non-titty batman.
And then the True NERDS, as in "Nerd, Exceptionally Retarded and Dumb in the expertise of cowsense but like, fucking Smart, unfortunately" can in and spoiled the whole thing:

Hmm, I would suppose so, not because of aesthetics or individual preferences, but because of the intrinsic connection between prime erogeneous zones and sexual appeal. These parts of our body contain the most nerve endings and feature prominently in sexual stimulation. Research has shown that there is also a direct connection between the response to stimulus of a particular body part and the likelihood that the subject considers this feature 'sexy' in others. For instance, if a woman gets a huge turn on from having her neck stimulated, she might consider the neck to be a sexy feature on guys. This was quite a leaky argument, I remember it being 'bombed' quite badly but it serves an uillustrative purpose here. The link to physical arousal thus leads us to characterise certain body parts as 'sexy' even though they have no absolute function during sexual reproduction.

If there ever was a case of coitus interruptus this would be the prime example.

We try, sometimes. We try really hard. Ive tried to make this ivle as interesting as possible. The only previous interesting thing on ivle was like.. fish wing-wong. Goodness.
And TEH NERDS had to go spoil it all.


We all live in a world of acronyms, fags, wimps, charlatans and idiots. You included. Booo

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


thanks to jet i just found out that the weeks now start on fridays, due to the weeklong break. NUS logic. Go figure. But thanks to it i realised that i actually HAVE NOT missed any chem tuts yet. Half of the fretfulness is gone.
Another quarter of it is gone, with the words 'END' on my project. i do say, i HATE stats.


it is FREAKING 0419 now my file transfer is finally done and so i am done with this post as well. Good night, good morning good anything. Bleargh.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


i just managed to miss a chem tutorial at 10am, a meeting at 12pm, because i JUST woke up, because i had slept at 4.40am, because i was trying to talk a friend out of crutches and misery. Since WHEN was i that kind of person? Only because it smacked so much like a similar case, and i would LIKE to avoid having my friends being trodden and driven to the ground like so much worthless stuff when their supposed better halves use them as an emotional and egoistical crutch, not caring if they actually FUCK them up, and then leave when better pastures are in sight. Such people are shortsighted, immature and completely WORTHLESS scum. I AM fuming. Man. now i understand how people feel. Offending scum like him should be beaten up. Severely. But its probably not worth it. I do guess its fitting that he's going out with this vixen; oh man dont i know who she is. She's even appeared on the Wheel Of Fortune! Whatever it is, she's a playa, and she's codlding him, giving him what he wants. Eventually she'll get bored and our dear friend will be left a king nothing with no empire but a shattered crown. Meanwhile, you move along peanut and you'll see that the day is brighter ok? Done bun cant be undone. What you think now no longer matters. Move on!


Goodness! Dear neighbour has an extra pair of sandals at his front door. Too small for him to wear. looks really like... oh dear. And the door's closed too.

The entire cluster's not even around.
im scared.
think ill just leave quietly and not distrub anyone. Im off for a swim.

Terror, Parasitism and Altruism

Haha this seemed too good to pass: my ivle posting for evo class. Heres where the original terrors came from:

terror, parasitism & altruism

just to share the very interesting life of a parasitic wasp, the Copidosoma Floridanum:

This wasp preys on the cabbage looper moth to lay their eggs, ala ALIENS. It typically injects 2 eggs (one male one female) into the hapless caterpiller, and then flies off. The larvae can take as long as a month to mature, devouring its innards while the worm is helpless to resist, and finally rupturing the host with a hundred eruptions. But what is interesting is this:

Among the eggs, they will divide into a whole clusters of secondary eggs, and some of these egg clusters develop into the 'reproductives'. These are tubby grubs (of both sexes) with only a siphon for a mouth to suck wormsoup and are so sluggish they can only move by being carried by the flow of the worm's blood. They eventually burrow out of the worm, form pupae and then burst open into adult wasps ready to seek fresh prey.
Some other clusters are much more interesting: they likewise divide into a cluster of eggs, but these egg clusters develop much faster than the 'reproductives', and become around 200 or so fully formed larvae within four days. These 'soldier' larvae are sleek, thin and muscular females, with tapered tails and sharp mandibles. They roam the worm till they find one of the tubes the worm uses to breathe, and wraps its tail around it, like a seahorse anchored to a coral. Its sole purpose is to kill other wasp larvae. Any wasp larvae that passes by, be it other non-sister/non-brother Copidosoma or other species, prompts the 'soldier to lash out and clamp onto the larvae, sucking out its innards before letting its corpse float along in the worm's blood. In a way, these ' soldiers' protect the 'reproductives' from competition and other threats, giving the 'reproductives' a better chance at survival, as they continue drinking worm soup while shriveled corpses of their rivals float around.

And as ruthless as these 'soldiers' are, they are also selfless. They are born without equipment for escaping the worm; so while the reproductives make their final exit and make themselves cocoons, the soldiers can only watch by, doomed to die as their host finally gives up and dies.
This altruism i believe, can only be explained by the fact that all the larvae are genetically very similar: by aiding their sister and brother reproductives, they help carry on the genes they share with them. Waht matters most is getting the genes transmitted. Even at the cost of their own lives.

(extracted from PARASITE REX, Carl Zimmer)


Team America was lousy. Too much crass humor and too crude. Too southparkish. Watching 1/2hr of it is fine, but after that it gets really lame, really humorless and really bad. barbie dawll sex in 15 positions? ugh. Get james to watch it. The spoofs and repeat-a-jokes get annoying after a while. My opinion? Don't watch it. you'll be braingoo.
And help. My neighbour REALLY loves stuff like this. He's playing Dear Leader's 'im ronrey' over n over again, n now he's switched to really bad south park reruns. SAVE. ME. Jet for all the times i sent you the songs that give a mindfuck i apologise, i will never send you another if only bloody CARTMAN WILL STOP SINGING. Argh!

Speaking of mindfuck cuz's one helluva wierd warped er... person. Came over to raid me lappie for songs 'in the mood', as well as send me some. Songs as in ghei type songs, or more precisely, "super-shinobi-mindfucks-and-commits-seppuku" or the classical "space-monkey-with gold-ray-guns" kinda songs. Haha. pure crack. Borrowed Dear neighbour's portable hard drive to transfer the songs, n i didnt bother to delete em, i hope the songs can provide a little... 'education' to his music tastes, oh god ANYTHING BUT 'im ronery' from the Dear Leader!!! BEN I REGRET EVER BORROWING THE DISC FROM YOU!!!
*shoots fireballs*
Oh where was i? Yeah, cuzzie wants 'in the mood' songs for one of her projects, that which having the honour of possessing a title (roughly) as
"What kind of songs cause coitus interruptus".
Do not ask.
Do not ask.
Naruto's gay manga? thats what she told me. omgwtf.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


i dreamt that i died. upon trying to save someone, i acted upon impulsion and i died doing so. of all places in a crummy staircase i had created in my stockholm syndrome project. ya know that feeling that you're fucked whatever you do, and you have to do it anyway? throat slit with a cleaver. Tyler looked at me and smiled. And in those final moments before i blacked out i realised there was no more second chances. woke up moments later. too close for comfort. cold sweat. I always believe tht dreams are something you want to try to tell yourself about, or at least is an indication of something.. So whats it this time? This time i actively seeked my own death instead of being hunted down to it.. heh. moral of the story is im getting mucho bravo or im getting too compulsive. Otherwise its just this noon with food in the tummy.

Ok besides that disturbing dream, sunday has been wonderful for the body. Sleep sleep sleep and more sleep, had lunch with Kiran, hearing how they went ghost hunting yesterday. Suprised there werent any spiders in the equation.

Hahaha did i re-enact 'that J incident' again? thats up to you to decipher. man that was funny. But hey i see you up on your spot, man. Doing things you feel for is good, and little things like irritating people cant really faze mighty playas, brother. RESPECT!! *fist pounds chest twice*

And besides feeling groggy, i am fresh and am going to hit the books. The battle is in our favour. Lethargy has been beaten on all fronts. Press on!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

damn rain

Damn the rain. i hate the cold more than i hate the heat. At least you can sweat it out in the heat. confound the rain. lousy horrible weather. Hope this is just a spell.

damn whales.

Oh man now i fucking hate whales. For the moment anyway. So there came along a mammal mesonychid called pakicetus, roaming teh deltas of teh eiocene(?) alabalma. it looked like a hyena and had hooves and a great big snout and strong jaws. It found out that there were pretty little fishes in the water, and that if it stayed in the water it could catch other hapless herbivorous mesonychids when they came for a drink. It got so used to this lifestyle that its legs got webbed and shorter, while its nose moved up the snout towards the head. Soon it became ambulocetus, and then basilosaurus. By this time it looked like a serpentine lizard with vestigial legs and a bloody long tail. so much that is was mistaken for a dinosaur, and had to be renamed zegludon(yoked teeth) when this mistake was exposed. Anyway, the basilosaurus became an extinct cousin of the ancestor for the present whales we have today: the baleen mysticetus (blue whale, humpbaked whale) and the toothed odontocetus (killer whales, sperm whales). Whales with legs, fishes with fingers. Dont you love it all.

now im done cooling down from my evolution mode.

Man. head hurts. think im falling sick.
Why the hell is my taggie and personal info ALL the way below?
project stockholm syndrome has been stalled.
Will go wakeboarding.
Aching to sail. Will join next course in aug. oh and canoeing too. Irritating to be canoeing good enough than most but cannot rent out a canoe because of lack of license.
Am still wee bit uncomfy with my new look, but its my hirstutis and ill do what i want with it.
Must plan out trip for Canyons REAL carefully.
must make scuba trip. Begcheatliestealwork whatever goes. Thankgoodness for OCR n open house. Ill work OT if allowed.
Brother of Love coming up. Asian comedy? Sound of Music(get mom to pay for me to babysit sibs).
Rock climb. Mus shoes are getting mouldy.
Study constantly so that i will not be held back by work when i really want to go out. Like tonight. Damn. Wu never seemed so nice.
Salsa? when would i even have the time?

What else? cant remeber what i wanted to say.

Oh yeah. Parsimony. Simple is best.
Keep it simple

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

back to the wastelands

my pocket burns because i just gave $80 to a good friend for his wedding. Ouch. But man they look soo sweet. And impt lesson: NEVER invite your camp colleagues over to your wedding. Not even if you're a regular working there. Never. They managed to just about screw up everything with a GLORIOUS lack of sophistication and managed to get poor bridegroom piss drunk. Ha. Hows he gonna perform tonight i have no idea. XDXD.

a few things to get off chest:

one thing i hate abt people: trying to care too much. people dont hurt that easy man. i dont. gets summat unnerving having ppl asking if u fine all teh time. guess i might understand how some people feel now. concern is good. just dont overdo it.

i have my own life n i dont like it to be touched/manipulated by others. esp now. esp now. If im misunderstood so be it, done bun cant be undone. If i supposedly did something wrong then tell. Im civil enough to acknowledge it. I cant really blame people for trying to do what they have to do, or need to do, or did not do; but that dont mean i must take that shit. Ive got my own life too. Being nice dosent mean accepting it as it is. betrayal. Sickening. My fault for being so trusting anyway, fule. (Dont change too much) someone said? Hell, ill be taking more stuff with a pinch of salt now, so there. change? i think its more like an oscillation.

I happen to like my privacy alot. maybe im taken for the fule too many times and things are taken for granted so much some of my stuff dont count for much. Im human too, remember. I eat, shit, live and die too.

And sometimes enough is enough. I wont be taken through this whole merry-go-round again where you see the same thing each 360 degress and everything is in a blur. Screw that. I wont be the cog in the watchwork again. Maybe a monkey wrench makes good company.

So im headed back for the wastelands, the sun's better there, and for now the dunes make better company, better than the current winds blowing east. and maybe if i feel like it i'll send letters back from the wasteland. I dont expect any of them to be read but that dosent matter, anyway. The nimbus will be over the horizon.

Meanwhile aust film fest here i come! No lady salsa, so ill have to subst it for something else then.

Oh OCR, open house. Ah. it has come alive. Work too. Die.