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On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

fukuoka day 1

sporadic net comms doesnt do justice to what i want to tell you guys. i had to retype this twice. Anyways, here i am in Fukuoka, Kyushu, at my 1st international conference. The once every 4 years, 6th international congress of dipterology. tomorrow's forensic science and diptera. That includes maggots for gangrene therapy, pig corpses in CLOTHES to tell the level of decay according to the maggots and so on. Its geek galore here; so many people eager on their work. And one guy whom im real keen and excited to talk to, Wolf "thats right, just like the animal"Blackernhorn. Hes one of THE diptera behaviorologist. gosh. soooo excited!

Anyways, placewise this place inst that beautiful; mostly very boxy, modernist buildings; there were almost 2D buildings that were ludicrously thin - you could spread out your arms and almost cover the width of the flat. I wonder how any one manage to live in them. An to play along with the modernist/cubist theme, the hotel is BLOOODY snall; me and my roomie have to squeeze into this wee cubicle where when i open my suitcase i cant open the hotel door. The toilet... well imagine an airplane toilet and then enlarge it twice. There you go.

Oh and one thing that tickled me pink were the commodes themselves - they got buttons and all to 1.warm the seat such that it felt like someone had just sat on it for an hour, 2.rinse your prosterior, 3. rinse a women's anterior(!!!!), 4.blowdry it and even 5.make tweety little noises to mask your fartin and all. heh. hilarious.

the keyboards here are really wierd, and lapse into jap language now and then. annoying.

k. till then, maybe more on the conference itself. AND shopping. Wowwowweewaaa!

-yc out

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What happens when you smuggle aboard a host of poisonous snakes in your suitcases aboard a plane?
What if there was turbulence that jarrs the suitcases off their racks?
What if the snakes were all black mambas?

Snakes on a Plane's one good movie you oughta watch. If you liked pulp fiction, you'll love this! What really caught my attention though was Cobra Starship's music Video of Snakes on a plane (Bring It), which can also be found on the official website as well. The blonde's a sassy one too!

Samuel L Jackson says: Enough is enough! I've had it with these mutherfucking snakes on the mutherfucking plane!. Pulp fiction nuff ferya?

With a gazillion spoofs in its wake, you should also check out (among the cornier ones) aadvark on a tank, racoon in a spaceship.

Oh im ready for it! Bring IT!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

sly one

oooh. sly bitch. hands up now, don't be shy; how many of you blokes been wiled away by them vixens? This with special reference to someone of great charm. oooh yeah you know who yer'ah!

Friday, September 01, 2006

it was an august morning when i was told,
'its time to go'
and as i turned to you, you smiled at me...
how could i say no?
oh to fill the head
with wistful dreams and wishful air
then came the bells that sang
come to thee thy fancies have...ave...

ay... we cross a bridge

set beyond the endless hills
from those who claimed they knew
was a secret spring of joy
that bubbled, brooked and flow...oh...owed...
oh to smell the streams
of nectarine;
fair maiden hair
only you, this feeling remains
that's passed beyond and now never had...add...

come to touch the dreams of old
before they turn to stone
everything we know and see
will all be set in stone..own...own...
oh to fly away
like travellers of both time and space
only the feeling remains
in celebration of a dream.

ay... we pass a crossroad

and the rains of spain, fell mainly on the plain...
yes the rains of spain, fell mainly on the plains...

(thus walked on the man of la mancha, seeking chariots! gold! secrets! fire! he came across the mighty atlas mountains, and there on, the story is told, what happened no one now knows)