Seeking the Dark Tower

On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Friday, September 30, 2005

tooo deep, not wangsty.

Alas. i do realise that i have (once again) been thinking too too deeply into concepts and making myself run in circles.
The physics of the universe alone requires so, so much understanding, and it does tire the layman reader should i include even a quarter of what ive been thinking up.

As i have said i will most definitely have to gloss over many concepts, turning problematic concepts into 'black boxes' in which the intricate workings do not matter, only the end result. or just akin it to 'mysterious ways of nature'; the more curious can research into the complexities should they want to in appendixes and further readings (to be) provided.

But this is my universe i am creating and i want it to stand up to the more rigorous scientific testings around, i would not do it justice in any other case. Already i have taken too much liberties, inconsistencies and improbabilities for granted. I want a universe that is very much plausible.

Not wangst fiction, as someone put it: Wanking Angst. i.e. plain lousy sorry excuse for writing fiction.

enough thinking for today methinks.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Two heads better than one; request comments too!

Its so much easier to realise concepts with two or more people; bouncing off ideas is so much better than self referencing. Just had a very informative chat with Mark the Physics Guy, and now im so much more knowledgable. Thanks a mill.
phew its been so exhausting to be thinking about this project, unlike the others, this one has potential and most importantly CAN sustain! The story as a concept arose as a 'atmosphere'; a kind of feeling i had sensed that was possible on alot of levels. I chanced upon this comic called HEIROGLYPH by Ricardo Delgado, excellent play of landscapes. My interest in the Dark Tower by Stephen King went into shaping the entire background; the only thing being the Crimson King as Heat Death. Yes, add in some very very (mindnumbing) esoteric physics and wahlah, story in the making.
Still a long way to go though.

MR KEVIN CHONG, should you see this, i am requesting that you read the developments in my story, or i could tell you, and i need to bounce off some very important concepts crucial to the story.

Its about choice:
If you were given 2 options: Total obliteration vs eternal stagnance what would you choose?

Total obliteration (the EndTime) - an event will occur that you would cease to exist, not even as thoughts and memories; but like just, not there at all. Not even nothing, you wouldnt even have a history, not even a YOU, coz even TIME would cease to exist.

or, you could choose Elysium, the eternal stagnance. im sure you know what elysium is; its afterlife, eternal. and infinite. Being forever and infinite, then ALL possibilities would have occured, all probabilities would have been achievedd, i.e. probability of anything and everything = 1. i.e. you have NO CHOICE of anything whatsoever, since there is nothing and everything for you to choose. There would be no YOU, there would only be a 'WHOLE'.

Now, do you think my idea of stagnant elysium holds? if it does, i would go in deeper details with you, and if it dosent, why?

ANY other people who have any thoughts on this PLEASE comment on it; harsh critics MORE than welcome. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The magical beauty of a story yet untold

It is in my beliefs that the magic of a story lies in the mystery of the beyond, lands which the story never tells, personalitites that were never given a chance to flourish, tales that the storyteller only hints upon - with much a twinkle in his eyes - it is all left to your imagination to try grasping at the magnitude and infinity of it all.

And the sheer power of it is attempt as you might you can never grasp the whole story; it is left up to you to percieve how it goes, because of the simple fact that it is not a confirmed event, never more than a probability that something would happen in this way. You can give an educated guess and often it may be correct; but then again it is only correct in your own world. its amorphous nature only lends more wings to your mind's eye and lifts you off the ground. Such is the beauty of any story worth telling.

Such is the beauty of Tolkien's Middle Earth too, and in its far off, mystic mountain ranges that forever shield the reader's eyes from what lies beyond, the reader can only guess at what wonderous treasures lie beyond, groves of beauty that surpass even Lothlorien's Forests, or what deep dark things that lurk beneath the mountains themselves, of spirits both of nature and nurtured, of valiant heroes and vile evil that remain locked forever in arms.

It is the beauty of the unknowing that allows you to gasp in awe at the wonder that can only remain with you if the wonder itself remains out of your grasp. It is only when this wonder is unceremoniously caught and subject to reason, tinkering and as it is finally nailed down onto hard ground it breathes its last cry out, a terrible lament of beauty, which when heard gives such an experience to the reader, a final cry of wonder before it finally dissipates and dies.

Much like how beautiful a jellyfish is, which when finally caught by fishermen and violated by the harsh, sharp edges of terra and the blistering sun, before arriving in its final destination: alocohol drenched containers. Its colour is forever bleached out, its grace and magnificence will never drift the seas as its tendrils are finally set and hardened. In its silent scream it will give its wonder up for good.


Which is why i admit that writing this story is hard. As a concept it has been nurtured and left simmering in my mind for the better of two years. Finally, loathing, I reached out and grabbed this fleeting thing from the air and proceeded to pluck its feathers. To make a mount for all to enjoy, see? As I harvest this concept and begin the rituals that would set it in stone its wonder bleeds out of it like so much life. Life which I soak up and breathe into the story I'm about to embark.

I tell of a universe, old and aged, Ancient. I tell of a land that has been left to desiccation and decay, a land that has seen the world pass on. I tell of those who were left behind and now face the desolation that is the land. There is beauty, terrible beauty in this. From the wind-scoured erosions to the mighty sand-dunes that make the apotheosis of all deserts, and the silent devastation of lightplay wrought upon the land as day died and passed to night, as the cold indifferent stars shone their lights, never warming. The massive cities carved out of the ground now lie static and forever, cursed to see the sun cross the sky over and over again, in an endless reply of events. There is a terrible beauty in this stagnance.

It is in this stagnance that the left overs of this land must struggle to survive. They know that it is inevitable that they will perish. They know that in this increasingly dead and inert world the EndTimes are coming, where an event horizon from which nothing escapes will come to consume them all, and leave no trace; finally leaving the world in its final peace and perpetual tranquility of stagnance.

They also know that there is a choice to be made, a choice where whichever path chosen yields a terrible price. Between eternal stagnation and non existence, a choice of forever and nothing, in the face of this oncoming inevitability, the hardest decision must be made: to face the oncoming End Times, or to lie forever peaceful in a sheolic limbo of the stagnant paradise, Elysium.

What ever happens I will not know, I have not made the sacrifice of another fleeting thing in my head yet. The life I have breathed into this story has yielded much magic already, and for now it will be enough.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a garden of dreams

why yes, we do get tired sometimes. And yes, even the dimmest ignoramus will sense things that do not shine with light. Sometimes wretched wights would fain blame it upon excuses just to hide their own misgivings. We will give it rest and let time be the bulwark against which it will dash asunder; leaving us to pick up mere fragments of memory to compensate for the fabricated dream.

We want! but what have we? We may only exist in dreams, mine alone, yours apart. It should be only right that we feel such fading; we would not do it justice to say that it never was, yet be unfair if we said it would prevail. Such is the nature of what was once held so dear. A moment of brilliance in a dark world leaves afterimages that will carry through our thoughts in our minds.

This is the garden of my dreams. For untold generations we have protected it from the vitators. Once more has another rose been planted in place of another, once again has the land been tilled and ploughed over. Now this garden will once again wilt with the oncoming footsteps of old man winter, and soon all shall be swept over with a sheen of white. But never would it be totally lost; like marks etched into rock so shall it be set in stone forever.

Oh, what ails thee, knight at arms,
so lonely and palely loitering?
the sedge has withered from the lake,
and no birds sing.

We trudge across this wasteland, wander through its dunes. We moan and complain, we thirst and hunger.
but we cannot leave, because we want not.
we wander alone.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

disney collaborates with croatian hellprinces

Like how the Nazis tried to take over the world by means of occult, attempting ragnarock etc, so has Disney now tried to call upon the power of the dark void, summoning the lyrical power of the Croatian Hellprinces to create this monstrosity.
My eyes and ears are scarred again.

On another note, the next story clearly explains how dying dosent earn you much prop points if your wish is as ridiculous as this. I know not which is worse; the idiot kid or the indignation of his parents..

"We live in a beautiful world... Yes we do, yes we do..."


Friday, September 16, 2005

"I think i may need a bathroom break"

2 days ago i chanced upon this picture from the reuters website:

It shows a mildly uncomfortable bush scribbling a note to condi rice concerning a very simple, basic need: the need to wee:

"I think i may need a bathroom break. Is it possible"

All in the midst of having a very serious discussion in the UN regarding the disaster wrought by Katrina. Papers all around are having a field day, here are some of the best liners:

"The need to relieve oneself diplomatically has on occasion determined the fate of nations"
"Medical experts said that the 59-year-old President was wise not to wait any longer"
"Bush note inspires bathroom humor" ---omg this one is soooo hilarious.

The rest of the article can be found here.



The land is parched, the seas drying. The Languishing is felt throughout the entire world. Many races have suffered, even more have perished. The styrlisks have awoken from their eternal slumber and begin to prowl the lands, heralding the onset of discordia. There is intense competition for the last few oases and the cthonians have began to encroach tethian waters. after decades of strive, many have finally begun to realise that this process has precipitated the beginnings of the end times, as the gannalach prophesises:
"The lands dry, the seas parch, and there will come the time when all will be set in stone. The world is moving on, and events are set into motion that which cannot be reversed; discordia will consume."
Yet another part of the gannalach states:
"Tennhauser gate offers the final haven from discordia; to elysium it leads, the undying paradise"
Conflict between tethys and cthon has ceased temporarily in an armistice, and a council will be held to discuss the possibility of salvation offered by Elysium. Htargn, of the loliganth empire of tethys, is sent forth as an emissary to represent in the council. Along the way he is to recover the secret of the tennhauser gate, as to seek out the oracle hidden deep in styr.

What is moving on? What are the end times?

The FirstTimes -
The Great Change/The Cataclysm -
Second Dawn -
The Languish/Decline -
The EndTimes -

First Times -
End Times - But things have now accelerated and there is a wind of change in the air; a drastic change that will change the world forever, a change that no thing might ever survive past to experience.
Discordia - The processes of change brought about that is the EndTimes.
Gannalach - The prophecy describing the EndTimes, Tennhauser's Gate and Elysium. and something more?
Ghennalach - Ghen = gape/chasm
Tennhauser Gate - A 'gateway' from this reality to Elysium. It is unclear at this point whether Tennhauser Gate is a physical place or merely a concept.
Elysium - The stagnant paradise. A place/reality of stasis, stagnance and non-change. IT is unclear at this point whether Elysium is a physical place or concept, or both.
The Oracle/ The Corante - The progenitor artefact that will lead one to Tennhauser Gate. The goal of conquest for all factions - The oracle is rumored to lie in the depths of Styr, guarded by the styrlisks.
Gaia/midgard/ - The planet itself, now undergoing an abrupt change and discordia.
Styr - the vast underground waterbody which is the boundary between the Known and the Unkown. Guarded by the styrlisks and rumored to hold the oracle. A progenitor artefact as well?
Progenitors - The First Ones. These were the first people of Gaia, who dwelt in the FirstTimes. They were the ones to predict the coming of the End Times, and had in a distant past managed to avert it. They were the ones who created/found/realised Tennhauser Gate. Their disappearance is initmately linked to Elysium. Progenitor relics are spread throughout the world.
Styrlisks - Heralds of the EndTimes, harbingers of the Change(discordia?). Have a connection with the Progenitors. Some reckon that these entities were created by the Progenitors themselves.
Cthonians - A loose term/ federation for land-based races
Far spread across the parched lands of Gaia. Suffered the most from the effects of DISCODRIA/CHANGE, and have developed a very nihilistic view(?) Divided into two camps - the seekers(who believe in tennhauser effect???), the wretched(nihilists).
Tethians - A loose term/conglomeration for water-based(oceanic) races
Isolationistic and xenophobic/distrustful of other race/conglomerates, due to their exclusive nature in water. Conservatives. Few seldom venture from their watery abodes, hence their knowledge is based mostly on myths and assumptions. (think amish). The Tethian, Htargn, is sent as an emissary to the Council to discuss the grave situation. Tetheians are pro-elysian.
Chimerans -
Olympians - majestic 12 kind of association. Not much is known of them.

The Wretched - Term for all who oppose the lure of elysium, and believe that discordia must occur. Some will stop at nothing to stop it. Currently Htargn's main worry and cause of danger.
The Overwatch - The council
The Bound - All races which reside on Gaia. All those who are experiencing the End Times, and are bound to physical form.
The Unbound - Very possibly the progenitors. A term of exclusion as non bound. Possibly no longer attached to any physical aspect. A condition which might be attained by/due to effects of the EndTimes.
The Seekers(?) - Those who zealously seek the secret of Tennhauser gate.

"to what end does finding elysium serve? it is but another languish, one which we expereince now. Discordia rapes the land of life and the End Times come. Elysium is no better. A paradise, but a dead paradise. We would rather face the oncoming storm. Go, go back to the tethys! you have failed."
"Any being may earn,
through skill and courage
A single favor..."

Bound/unbound - Gaia/Elysium - an event horizon thing - no retraction. Recursive cycle.

bilfrost bridge - midgard to asgard
vlahalva - fight
ragnarok - end of days
note: slow decline not

frenir the wolf.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The End Times (Draft)

Tennhauser gate (what is it), which leads to Elysium (ref. Tenhauser in the grips of Venusburg)
Elysium, a place of stagnant paradise, a place of eventual languish (compare with sheol)
To be in Elysium would be to be set in stone, as the world passed on.
Gannalach, the prophecy which describes the End Times
Cthonians, the bound
Olympians, the unbound
Styrlisks, keepers of the river Styr and heralds/harbinger(?) of the Gannalach
kar'desh, ka'desh, kar'nak, kar'osa, kar'topa.
Hiigara - Homeworld

Gannallach -
The End Times are coming. The world has moved on, the earth has dried. The odgru jahad(name change!!), dwellers of the inbetween (todash? cantoi/discordia) will scour the earth after the devourer worm depredates the land, until nothing is left? (scrap or incorporate? - metaphor?) The Styrlisk have risen from their long slumber to herald its coming. The myth of Tennhauser's gate offers passage to a safe haven from the ravages of the End Times.
That haven is Elysium, the stagnant paradise.
Some choose Elysium and seek it out amongst the already crumbling lands.
Some believe that Elysium offers worse realities than the End Times and oppose the search. Yet others (the wretched?) scoff at the futility of it all and embrace 'the End Times'
Conflict and polarity

A cthonian seeks to solve the riddle of Tennhauser's gate - what is it, and here is it? is it a physical place, or is it a concept? Where can it be found? Along the way the cthonian discovers a correlation between Tennhauser's gate, Elysium and the End Times that could spell inevitability and finality, or Continuation and survival. The answer to the riddle may lie locked in the Gannallach. The key resides with the Styrlisk(the styrlisks ARE THE KEY~! - to unlock tennhauser's gate).


Flesh out:
who are the - cthonians, olympians(find another name!).
bound vs unbound
the wretched

hydramiths/hydrohelminth? - styrlisks

progenitors? (dealings with tennhauser?) - HOMO?

turanic raiders

(eventual) council consists of who?
Council decision(or indecision), opinions
Determine degree of styrlisk intervention

Gannallach by who? (sajuuk kahor?)
Ganna = Ghenna (hell)/ genma (hell)
Lach = laugh/mirth or from can-de-lach (Desperation, SK)
styrlisks as avataers? - true origin n purpose? who? harbinger? Relation to progenitors? (direct creation or side pdt of interactions?)

htargn seeks to solve riddle of tennhauser gate
leaves for ancients council
acocmpanied by (bullsquid?)
accosted by styrlisk (1)
meets with diff tribes and pieces up mythos
arrives at council, realises correlation
unknown correlation with elements and dealings of the progenitors
returns to stop/alter efforts for tennhauser
reaches tennhauser.
Enters gate.

Perception of reality/End Times/

Metaphors on elements etc. concepts?
Discordia- Counqurer worm, odgru jahad
First times ("of the progenitors" - homo?) - brought to this place via wormholing.
sol goes nova, progenitors decide to save terra by wormholing it to another suitable system - which? And so how n why did they dissapear?
therefore tennhauser's gate is a wormhole?
What is elysium then? (Is elysium here n now??)

the clearing
council of ancients (diff frm progenitor) "reach the oracle and state your claims. We will summon the council"
oracle - 'yuggoth' :
"this is the oracle... of Ka'desh.
For thirteen... generations we have protected it from the... unclean.
The Turanic raiders who came... before you were punished for their tresspass.
If you have come to join us, we welcome you, and will spare your vassals until all... have disembarked.
If you have come to consume the knowledge, you will be... removed at once.
What are your intentions?"
"we seek the oracle"

progenitor relic - tennhauser gateway
(bridge across wastelands)

Monday, September 12, 2005

i remember the kolb studio perched precariously at the edge. my head was fuzzy from the lack of sleep and the damn heat, the vultures were circling the huge gaping hole in front of us. We were still limping from the hike and over the railing we peered.
The sun rose to its peak and seemed to hang there, as the grey-black stones and red walls shimmered. People, like ants, began to trickle up the switchbacks as they tried to make their way up the great big wall. We spied the long trail that took us winding up to this southern rim and it seemed so bleak. back then a half day ago we were down there struggling and stumbling in the dark.
The kolb studio offers some respite from the heat but not much. at least we are sheltered.

It makes you feel so pale that all you would ask is more time, but even that is not allowed and you come back home with meagre memories. Then you build upon those meagre memories and sometimes you happen to delude yourself. The kolb studio happened to be eaten up by the xanterrans if i remember correctly. or was i deluded again.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

dad-son bonding

So i was eating chicken pie with mom today and she told me this story:

"You know how your dad is with TECHNOLOGY. Well 3 months ago, he had your uncle come round to fix some software problem on his laptop. When your uncle said"Aiyah you didnt even open windows", dad got off his seat and went to OPEN THE WINDOW".

Needless to say i promptly choked on my chicken pie.
Me n dad went cycling in mandai today, dad taking lead. As we were crossing a rather slippery patch the old hero turned around to see if his kid was fine, and promptly slipped. The young hero, tried to stop and offer aid, AND promptly slipped as well. Both of us brought back hideous scratches and bruises as trophies like cavemen from a hunt. Mum just shook her head. Isnt dad-son bonding fun?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Am getting antsy too. Realantsy. Too antsy.

On the other hand,
Toady-crony-Brownnose is getting real philosophical right in front of me. Bid to get more votes. Die Politika. Spare me please....
Big headphones are always helpful in these situations.