Seeking the Dark Tower

On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i draw pretty hairy legs

Heterocheila buccata


While you guys have been enjoying idyllic seas with clear blameless skies, beautiful vistas over sunset and vibrant cityscapes at night,

this is what i have been doing.

Gluma nitida

thats right, drawing. Drawing stuff. Fly bits. These are the anterior fore femurs of the outgroup species of seaweed flies, the Coelopidae. And these are the simpler bits. Wait till you get to what i affectionately call the prothorax 'chest hair' region, the head, and oh god forbid, the genitalia. Meanwhile check out the spines on this boy!

Icaridion debile

Soon, maybe I'll post up more complex structures, all in 3D detail, complete with stippling, which means i painstakingly dot the drawing to give the perception of depth.

Willistonelia pleuropunctata

wowee. What a summer this is going to be.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

cthulhu ftagn

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You darkle, you tinct. O ye be damned.

Roland looked down from the Vista. Craggy rock sheared the harsh sunlight and cast shadows so sharp they could almost bleed you if you stepped on them. Once it had been soft shadows and shapes, where white snow put a fluff cap on each sharp rock and capped the odd conifer here and there, perched precariously on some forsaken outcrop. The river at the bottom would have been frozen. Now there was no river at all. Dust devils swirled on the empty dusty banks. Once there had been spectacular sunsets, so devastatingly breathtaking you had to stop to watch. Now it was just harsh sun plying the same route day after day without fanfare. Things changed. Time moved on. The world passed on.

and he was stuck here.

As the man in black would surely say,

You darkle, you tinct, O ye be damned.


Friday, June 08, 2007

meanwhile, at the wildfilms blog...

maybe its coz i blog so much more during precious net time on the other site that i neglect this one. Anyways, here's the next wildfilm blog. Bookmark wildfilms and read it regularly!

Morning packed full of seaside fun!

If your'e interested in coming for a guided tour, you can contact us naked hermit crabs here!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tranquil bobcat sniffing plant sex organ

Stance of the 'tranquil bobcat sniffing a plant sex organ', as seen on wall painting found in the ruins of the Kithhyina Pseudopolis. The bunny rests in tranquil undernearth the bobcat (not shown). This mural demonstrates the simple lines, colors and (lack of) perspectives that dominated the art during the height of the Kithhyina Empire.