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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Its a boy!

Remeber the zombie cockroach a few posts back? well here's a clip of one emerging. Congratulations, its a feisty boy!

Caution: contains scenes that may not be suitable for young roaches.

Thanks to Zimmer and Dr. Fred Liebersat, oracle of the emerald cockroach wasp.

Next critter post: Whats this cute, furry little mouthless fly got to do with us humans? (And, no, it dosent revel in dung).

There are some horrible creatures out there in the world, and then there are the really horrible, horrible, nasty little things out there in the world. Stay tuned.

-yc out

Friday, March 24, 2006

ammonite tattoo

got no time to post on blog, got time to do henna:

An extension of what i did for gwynne before, now incorporating the ammonite to hold a bracelet design.

Bracelet upside, closeup:

Bracelet downside, closeup:

On the person:

I havent peeled off the henna paint just yet, so the design looks a little rough. Come monring i will peel it off and look brand spanking new. fixing it with some gel spray generally helps. Periodically applying heat (blowdryer or otherwise) helps fix the acids in the dye better, making it darker.

there we go. want a henna? let me know. I dont just do disturbing stuff like this; cute/wimpy designs like sunshine and butterflies also available.

-yc out

Friday, March 17, 2006

letters from the wasteland

Should i fall out of favor
of the paths in my life
to chase a feather in the wind

Yet again to wander
the wasteland that beckons
yielding the tears of bitter alkali
that one alone knows

The apotheosis of all deserts sings
as the smallest grain of sand
holds the promise of an eternal spring
nigh within grasp
and never within sight

And the invisible sun that shorns its light
bakes the ground
but a light that never
never warms
and still the feather spirals upon the thermals
points yet to the nimbus beyond the horizon

I am a traveller within this time and space
inside this terrible desperate beauty
All that has ended and all that has passed
are witnessed mutely as they are set in stone
their beauty uncompared
preserved for all eternity

I am called to sing the songs
whispers of so many lost stories
that the bones of golgotha can only cast
to the winds that sing their testimonies
to speak of stories
of the thread that never finishes
the tapestry unfolded within
of another epic
told only in secret
as we call to it silently
last stand, last stand, this is the last stand

Dancing high above the crowds
in the loneliest of places
is a silence that calls out
last call, last call, this is the last call

Now to cast my letters in the sand

Now to set my letters in the stone

Now to finally send
the letters from the wasteland

Sunday, March 12, 2006

that aint a lion.

A sailor and a giraffe walk into a pub, and starts challenging each other to drinks.

The giraffe finally falls over piss-drunk, and the sailor starts to leave.

The bartender yells at the sailor: "Oei! You can't leave that lyin' there!"

The sailor turns 'round to look and says

"That's not a lion... thats a giraffe..."

Totally humorless.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

pics from BANG KOK.

The hands say stop, but the heart says go on... What am i saying? Shouldn't it be the other way round?


Meant to do this for a long time. I'm sure you've all been to thailand, so ill spare you the touristy dregs and get some more candid shots up. From BANG KOK. What a name, huh?

I'm sure all of you know why we go to bangkok for. The shopping of course. To shop for what kind of mech i'll leave it up to you. But the best reason actually happens to be all the imitation brands you find there for dirt cheap prices. By imitation brands, i also mean things like this:

Donald riding high on the starbuck success, high on coffee as well and drooling. But nothing really comes closer than the real IMITATION JEWELLY. I didn't know you'd have to imitate the spelling too. Nice try though:

And when i saw the dame, i really couldnt resist. She seemed pretty stoic about the whole affair too. This was taken just seconds before the shop keeper came to save her immobile lass as the culprit took off...

After making off with the snapshot, i stumbled across this gem. She’s gorgeous, she’s dangerous – and she sings! Male convenience store clerk by day, fabulous drag queen/ secret agent by night, Iron Pussy must yet again come (WHAT?) to the rescue!

She's hot i tell you, and only thing is that she's a he. heh. A pity i didnt buy the DVD. But thats enough shopping for a while. Off to the Chao Praya river, where dont we all remember how National Education's decree to imbue young minds with racial harmony and diversity required secondary school (or was it primary) chinese text to include the LOI LOI KRATONG festival. As we went to the ferry we spied this dog acting just so dawg. Lazy bastard was still snoozing there even after we came back some 3 hours later. I still can't figure out how he got up there.

We took the river tour, and while the guide was spewing her bad engrish, i was really impressed with the great waterfront property:

I mean, its RIGHT at the water's edge! No water woes here!

No suprise that the plants here grow so well, eh? They practically overtook the house! Somehow it feels so eldritchy, with Tim Burton undertones... Dionaea house should take this as their model i say!

One wonder where their plumbing goes eh? Convenience at the maximum and woe betide the neighbour downstream. heheh.

Waterfront porch too. I bet it'd be cool to keep ducks in there.

Hee. I just found this hilarious.

Well, here's the rest of the waterfront. And this concludes today's lonely planet BANG KOK edition.

- yc out