Seeking the Dark Tower

On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

tiny anemone

I may not have been to Tioman for the field trip but I've been making good at our local shores. A Dr Daphne Fautin, world-renowned expert on sea-anemones was invited over by the RMBR to take an inventory of our anemone diversity here. Accounts of the trips are here; do take a look, the anemones are a-pretty!

Other than going on all fours and getting sand under my nails (they're all raw and smarting now), getting so damn gobsmacked tired after each trip, I've also managed to help Dr Fautin illustrate one of the tiniest anemones I've ever seen:

This l'il bugger was found on a tiny seagrass leaf of 3cm. You can imagine how small the anemone itself is.

A refreshing break from scleritized structures, and now im back to drawing tonnes of fly parts.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

bunny loves cthulhu

i suddenly got inspired to draw old skool pixels.

Here's cthulhu fitting right into the old school famicon FF world:

(the rabbit i got from a t-shirt. oh well.)