Seeking the Dark Tower

On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Eurgh whole lot of cash wasted on one lousy tablet thats too sensitive and way too small. The results show. The crude lines barely contain the colours! And look! it is so two dimensional; how could it possibly exist? (it dosent for a fact but lets ignore that now). Ive done much better pieces with a damn mouse. Ill upload a pic with more details soon.
But it will do for now...

This thing here by the way is a birdshrimp(more of a bird-lobster i guess); a land crustacean that took up the niche of flightless birds in the golgothian desert. Imagine a two-headed flightless bird with tough shell instead of feathers and hooves instead of clawed feet, and you have the birdshrimp. This is the 1st of my creature-features in endworld.

Bird-shrimps arent exactly smart, arent -too- agressive in the wolf or raptor kind of way, more like opportunisitc omnivores. Still working on the details, but they do wander in small packs and will be harnessed as mounts by the loliganths (the squid-creatures, like htargn).

-1st segment includes eyes etc, formed from head carapace. Subsequent 2 segments from body. Tail segments extend out from underneath the 3rd segment, ending in 2 fluffed up tremes. Adapted from now-defunct feather-gills. Used for signalling and display purposes. I dont think they hold much weight for balance and direction-change.

-Front claws have been adapted to resemble a bird's head. Used for hunting(?) or digging(?) for tubers etc?

-Front feelers used for prodding ground - might work for foraging for small creatures under the sands.

-Other Limbs are small and atrophied, probably used for feeding/manipulation. Last pair of appendages are very strong, specialised legs that allow it to run across the sands like ostriches do. im still not too happy with the feet, but one can only do so much with tough inflexible carapace. I've looked at horse hooves and come up with a better design - cooler too - and will be uploaded with the new post. Current one looks like a flamingo head XP...

So there it is. Next up:
the loliganths, beak-raptors (for now, ive yet to come up for a name for them), styrlisks, ubitiquous bugs, scavanging ilk and the huge insectile vagary.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

to the architects

architects of the world
i walk your streets and live in your towns

architects of the world
you've served us well until now
But soon we'll be on our own

we sleep in our nova hearts
we hide in our nova hearts
we defuse
our nova hearts
Theres no one left to be out with