Seeking the Dark Tower

On the path that eventually leads to the clearing in the woods, the Charyou Tree. Fraught with danger, fear and loss, and yet, fulfillment. Welcome.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wild Sentosa

Just the day before i fly to Kerala for a week and a half, i decided to pay our shores a visit.
Here are some of the shots.

The full post is in the wildfilms blog. Do go have a look!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Life of Muffin

For those who would bother to care i've just witnessed 14 years of memories slip from my very arms and grow cold even while the fur was still soft to touch. These picture frames do not even begin to describe his life. He was a fighter to the very end; the vet needed two shots of euthasal before his strong heart was forced to stop. For once he did not even wag his tail. And to think I was talking about getting a new dog. Its disgusting. While everyone says he's lived a good, over-long life, regret still stains my eyes when i realised how much ive been neglecting him and how much more i could have cared for him. in the end it does not matter, he's just ashes now.
Its so horrible.