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Friday, July 29, 2005

disney's head.

bidding is done, ive got what i wanted, mostly.

am now in anahiem, Orange County. right next to disney land. i am not going to disney land because frankly i have no love for overly cute and commercialized cute characters and fantasy princesses which the other girls are so interested in. Its not worth the 53 USD just to see some blonde dressed in mediaval pompous dresses waving to little kids while sweating so hard under the 20 kg dresses, hoping the waterproof make-up stays on. or some fat old man or pimply teenager in a mickeymouse suit giving hugs ti screaming kids, sweating equally hard down their armpits and chests, breathing hard as they take each tideous step. but hey, its a living. so i decided to take a stroll down the paths to anaheim downtown, to take a look around. am now in the public library where the internet connection is finally free(!!).

after today we will head down back to LA, where some of us will be head home or to thailand first, and me and a few others will finally go to universal studios, which i am much more interested in.

how are things back home? its only a few more days before i come back. i love this place and i hate it. i miss home but dont feel like coming back. but it dosent matter anyway, i will be back 3rd aug evening. miss my granmama's cooking so much.

no contact. somethimes thats what is all about. nor faith.

well, my timing's about ended. see you all. miss you lots.

yc out.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

in frisco now.

im broke, im happy, im gleaming

i lost 60bucks in vegas, and spent a whole lotta on a fine grain italian leather coatie. now im subsisting on cup noodles and canned sausages.

Frisco is so so fine. its like europe and china intertwined. you rarely even see ang moh americans, with so many migrants. at times you feel like your in sicily, naples or even the streets of hong kong. so so up town, so so cool. And then theres this quaintest street so so lovely. its by lombard street, called the crookedest street (yes, you write that down in the address) coz its so so steep and crooked it has steps cut in for pedestrains. the houses there are a charm, it is just so so lovely! if you ever come to frisco, you MUST see it! id love to live here... if not for the superbly high cost of living. the sales tax here is like, 8.5.... GOD!

today we're gonna fly back to LA and go disney land. I HATE disney land. we'll see how it goes.

hy:er.. the stuff you want me to get is exotic and bizzare.. so... i dont think i can get it
tuty: baseball bats i saw were autographed and way too ex. other than that... im sorry..
feli:no fine arts museum bookmark, so i got you a modern arts museum bookie. you'll like it.
guys: shot glasses n fine liquor for you all~!
everyone: Deep, Dark, GHIREDELLI chocolates for you all!!

till then...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

pleasure spiked with pain

so, ive finally fallen for a italian-polish, 2nd generation american with the lightest brown eyes, deep brown hair and the sharpest features ever. the world is full of suprises huh?

pleasure's alwaysspiked with pain.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Git r' Done

first of all, thank you milady for that very entertaining and well thought out letter. Appreciate it alot. So the old farts are really going to be staging a protest is singapore? i want to hear about the developments.

I feel so happy, i feel so sad.
The first ever 'good' party (the yearly 'pimp n ho night', dont ask me why? we get cabin fever here easy.) up here in the mountains and suprising to say amanda came. this is absurd, this is crazy, this is the best thing ever. my head blew up to the size of a beach ball. so we jived, girl after girl, guy after guy, we had our raunchy fun, until amanda came up next, until we met, until we started circling each other, gyrate, embraced, long.
and after a while the only thing whispered was 'if youre gonna do it do it now'.
so what could i do?
I cant do this. must not.
still i do.
shit will ride soon. action and reaction, cause and effect.
life and passion is a bitch aint it?
but the bitch is a fun bitch. Some damn yankee was trying to get cozy with amanda further on in the party. holding her hands, lookin into her eyes talking to her and all. but the dance came up and we started dancing, him and me head to head like two cockerels strutting their stuff, and amanda chose me for an embrace. it was so so sweet. touched, glad, suprised, egobursting smile. flashed him a V sign as we turned. XDXDXD bumped up a rank and climbing up higher the foodchain. i have never felt so good, so comfortable and so contented-happy. Or sad. oh god she is, this is, so so sweet but sugar melts and in the end the party must end. i have to put a stop to this but this proves to be much too tough. She is pretty and she is hot, i admit attraction here played a role but damn it you know how hard is it to find a strong girl with her own opinions and isnt part of the masses, lights her own candles in the dark and to hell with everything else she is a BIOLOGIST, someone who finally shares my passion and someone i can indulge in good conversation? Damn holicky hard i tell you. Do Not Get Involved. Told myself when i first saw her. Do Not Get Involved. Do Not Get Involved. This sucks. big time.

well some of you requested stories here so you go. happy now? i dont know why am i writing this, i probably shouldnt. but i am so damn it.

oh before i leave, let me just say that there was a 'pool table' incident that night too. This guy, under influence and highly horny, slams an equally high and horny hornito lolito onto the pooltable and started mugging his face into her ass and tearing her up. needless to say security came over to break it up. heh. this place is crazy. too crazy. oh god how many stories do i have? its nuts.
wanye, my chef, says that the only thing you here you can do other than work is eat, sleep, drink, chase girls, drink, drink. i have 3 empty bottles of aftershock and 2 JDs plus endless beercans and wine botts in my room, and we get smashed every other day. i swear, this is bad, but i am enjoying too much to stop. this is one reason why im always so tired and never have time to write i guess.

well i must stop for now. i found a whole case of Becks and noqw im the chief man tonight. we pray security dosent come knocking on the door tonight.

Next up:SeQUEERity, getting drunk, bellybutton making-out, getting drunk, crazy shit getting drunk, getting drunk, getting fired, getting drunk, peein in a truck, getting drunk and killing more squirrels.

stay tuned.

Hey, dont get jealous that ive been chatting online with babes all day
-Napolean Dynamite

This is YC signing off.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Drangon Fire

The fires at the canyons, aptly called Dragon Fires, are getting worse. much worse. The Fires have breached the Rims and are coming down into the canyons. Thankfully it is only at the south and east rim, the north and west rium are still fine. But all it takes is a spark; a cigarrette butt, some glass in the sunlight, or even better lightining (that which started the West Rim fires), and this whole place will go up in flames, the land being so dry as it is already. people are being evacuated from the canyons all the time with resucitators and blah, as the smoke from the fires descends into the canyons in the morning and evening as it cools and can suffocate the weak. Id suspect PSI to be over 250 now, visibility is really low and you smell like you're in a campfire all the time. this morning as i was cleaning out my cabins i took a look over one canyon and i could see NOTHING but a grey expense. Scares the hell out of me. At night we can see the fires buring the brush all the way across the south rim. occasionally a huge plume of fire brightens the night as a giant ponderosa catches fire (the fire mostly eats up the brush and leaves the trees alone, as most trees here have fire resistant bark) and goes up in flames. The cresent moon was missing yesterday, hidden by the smoke.
We are having second thoughts of doing a rim to rim; not just because of the smoke, the heat there is unbearable. At phantom Ranch, a waypoint in the middle of the canyons, the temperature has reached 50 Celcius in the day. theis is a real danger and i fear that many of my tema memebers are very inexperienced and not as fit as i want them to be. Already in a preivous hike we have had problems, from physical inability to inexperience, and even more dangerous, lack of team responsibility:
yesterday i got so angry i neary slapped someone. a group of four girls from Singapore went down to the canyons for a hike. what happened was on the way up one of them got hungry and did not really want to wait for the rest and split up. she went on ahead and finished the hike then went straight to dinner, while the rest were still down there in the canyons. she didnt even bother to check on the rest. the second one went on ahead to a checkpoint in the canyons and waited for the last two, who had cramped her legs. she waited until 8pm when it was really dark and panicked and came to find us at the employee lodge. all the girls who went down did not bring torches so we panicked and went down with our torches to find them. Thank goodness find them we did and brought them back safely. the 1st girl then only just arrived and acted as if nothing was wrong. we were all so angry with her. i told her that she lacked responsibility and had to go down as one and come up as one; so many people have died in the canyons because of stupid little things like this. then she said something that made me blow up. she said "ok, i have one thing to say, it should have been me who got lost down there because if i died no one would even care" at that point i got so angry i had to leave. i felt a slap coming her way. she is of a mature 23 years old and acted like a thirteen year old youngling.
i know, i shouldnt get so worked up over this, i have no right to do that anyway, but people like this really need to be taught a lesson. what more is, shes going down with my group, as in, she had invited herself into my group and then started making decisions for everyone. some of them were bad decisions and we had to make amends into everything.i was still ok that she just inserted herself into our group and then started making decisions, but it was her irresponsibility and lack of care that pissed me off so damn much.
Last 3 days of work. then its off to play.

this is yc, signing off.

Friday, July 08, 2005

in flames

the canyons are on fire. already the south rim is blanketed in smoke, and ive taken the liberty of getting the good sunset shots these atmospheric situations give. but it is bad. it is very dry, and has not rained for weeks. only one spark is needed to start a raging fire now. already widforrs trail, which is quite close to the employee dorms, is on fire might be closed. the rangers are saying that these fires are mostly prescribed fires, started by the fire dept. and good for the ecology at large, i believe that, but tell that to everyone breathing in smoke all day and night now. the PSI now is worse than the worst we've had in Singapore. i just hope that the wind dosent blow the smoke down as we hike down.

OMG. London in flames? What is happening? news is scant on the net right now. anyone can tell anything? is it really the al-qaida? Viv, you're down there right now, can ya reply if ya see this? i do thank you for the letter but please send a note or something now if you see this. thanks. And if you can proivide any info on these developments too.

something else dug up long from memory will have to wait.
this smoke is giving me a damn headache. im leaving soon, im loathe to leave, and im glad to be going too. oh dear god.

Friday, July 01, 2005

trans-canyon hike / death of an adversary

what am i to write today? i am so tired everyday, pulling sheets and scrubbing dirty toilets everyday isnt any laughing matter. Working under America's 3rd worst employer, you are paid slave wages of 6usd an hour, not alot by normal standards. plus management is so so screwed up. still, my job position gets me more dough than those who transferred out, so i cant really complain. its off day tommorrow. rejoyce.
i have decided to go trans canyon, from 8252feet high north rim all the way down to sea level a the bottom of the canyons, then hike up the south rim, a little 2000feet lower than the north rim. THEN if im crazy enough ill hike all the way back again.
High up here in the north rim the air is thin and really dry, so much so you get nose bleeds and cracked lips near everyday. if you were to take a short jog you'd be dropping and panting in 10 minutes flat. imagine you were carrying a 15kilo load down the steep switchbacks and narrow corridors, on one side sheer rock cliff and two meters right you see an astonishing drop down to nothing. add in crumbly rocks all around and yeah you get plenty of fun. Now imagine going up this hellderado.
we will be doing this hellish trek come july 17, and that is when it is the hottest, unfortunately. near everyday now you see NPS choppers and ambulances medivacking heat exhaustees. And down in the canyons there is no respite, the cool air that is heavensent up here on the rim will be heated by the rocks that emcompasses the route, turning the entire place into a furnace. thankfully though there are numerous springs around and these do provide temporary relief time to time. one good thing though is that its a warm 90F at night, so it'll be just like at home while you sleep. all ill bring for that is a bedsheet and canvas to keep the bugs and snakes away. there be rattlers down there but this warm down in the canyons i doubt that they will tend to seek human bodies as sources of heat.
two days later we will make it up to the south rim, and maybe stay for a few days. some will want to take a 35usd shuttle back to north rim, but im thinking of hiking back to the north. at least id be travelling light then.
preparation has already begun, so stay tuned to updates.

oh, by the way, melvin died today. we had put out mousetraps to catch some vermin but the silly chipmunk got too greedy and sprung the trap instead. so i went into the room and saw the poor critter curled up and twitching. no one else wanted to touch it so i had to perform mercy killing and dumped it unceremoniously into the trash. oh well at least i wont need to worry about shit in my rooms or torn up trashbags again.

im finally beginning to miss singapore. or i need a change of environment soon. wanderlust picking up again. LA, LV, San Fran, gosh i cant wait. ooooh.

whats happened to nana's and jet's blog? cant seem to get to it? did you guys de-blog again?

and if anyone can please tell me please please please, when is bidding, and if there is, when is pre allocation? my NUS mail is rather wonky and i cant read anything. help please~!